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Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in to brighten up a low as partousing community a project led by u.s. army served in iraq. the volunteers worked on landscaping and planting flowers. that town of vienna held its annual day to remember commemoration today to remember lives in lost their the2001 attacks and show against sponsored by the american legion. the september 11 coverage e tonight. u that -- talk to diane sawyer about what we can expect. looking at one of e issues binding up one of the issues in the country -- the teachers' strike in chicago. iti know you are covering also. try to add to the center of thee toat's the best way grade teacher? we will tell you what we have coast about how people think you do it and do it right way. >> also tonight, the story on fish will? when you go to the supermarket or drug store, there of official products thinks it'syone good for your heart. we have a big new study to tell about tonight. may not be the cure we all thought. looking forward to it. you can watch those stories more tonight on world news after abc seven news at 6:00. has beened sentenced to two consecutive life
Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
section. >> i see those military families whether theiring are going to come back,. the end of the iraq war is down.g mitt romney dismisses a large group of the population, military. >> it does not seem to me that knows any of us. understands us or he gets us. the only time he does seem to make note of us is when he is about the 47%. somee for the argument -- them built right here in virginia. abc 7 is your vote 2012 station. the candidates are the first debate next week. look at their strengths and weaknesses. learning new details about the colorado movie theater shooting suspect. the judge has released several new court documents. holmes ors say professor.a he faces 152 charges, including 12 murder charges. witnesses in those -- and those injured might be allowed to visit soon. >> new information in shooting.s deadly police said the accused gunman fired from the company s before he shot and killed people, including himself. they found packaging for 10,000 ammunition during a search of this house. out, find out why police are looking at sexual to a newtwo years ago crimes. tragedy. >>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2